Die Brückenbar

This Bar overlooking the beautiful Causeway Bridge which links Dungarvan and Abbeyside as you cross over the Colligan River as it enters the Atlantic Ocean.

The BRIDGE bar is the place to relax, eat, drink and be social especially after a day on the Greenway or at Clonea Beach or hiking Mahon Falls.



A revolutionary Dining Concept. This 21st century concept is based on the practice of cooking on stones which dates back many thousands of years.

Hot Rock is an interactive cooking system that uses heated black rocks to grill food. The rocks are made of volcanic granite from Africa and the slabs are placed in a specially made oven that reaches 440°C. The rocks are removed from the oven and placed on the diner's table, allowing them to watch their food being cooked or to cook it themselves. The rocks can cook most meats and seafood.

Hot Rock is available in Restaurant, Bar or Courtyard.

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Es gibt eine große Auswahl an Aktivitäten wie Reiten, Angeln in den Seen und Flüssen, Tennis bis hin zum Pitchen und Putten. Wir haben drei großartige Championship-Golfplätze zur Auswahl.

Lawlors Hotel Dungarvan
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